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Day of Prayer for Olympic Baptist Association

March 1

We had a great OBA executive board meeting this past weekend. We spent time reviewing what is happening within the association and then spent most of our time together looking ahead. Many feel that we are in a transitional time and it is a good time to review who we are as an association and how best we can come along side our churches in ministry. The association purpose statement is “To assist the churches of the Olympic Baptist Association in accomplishing the Great Commission.” We feel this is still relevant, but the “How?” may need to be reviewed.

We are asking that all our association churches band together for prayer over the next few months and commit together to pray in this regard. We are suggesting that we set aside the first Thursday of each month and commit to praying for the association. It is our hope that all our churches will make this commitment, not just the pastor, but all the members join us as we seek God’s leadership for our future ministry together.

Suggested ways to implement prayer for your association could include personal prayer time, church or online prayer list, Wednesday night prayer meeting, notices in the bulletin, flyers used as reminders…the list goes on and on. We are asking that you make a minimum commitment to encourage our church families to pray sometime the first Thursday each month, BUT that they are certainly not limited to only that day.  The more praying that’s taking place on this, the better!

Sign-up below for a time you and your church would like to commit to be in prayer for the association. Remember it is the first Thursday of each month. It was suggested that everyone pick a period of time to pray that is most convenient for you, this will help keep us consistent.

Please join us as we seek God’s leadership. We will spend some time in June at our next executive board meeting discussing this topic and making plans to further explore our “How”.

Below is a sign-up sheet to share with everyone a time period during which you will be willing to commit to praying. Spend the entire 2 hours in prayer or a portion of the time, your choice. The idea is not to fill all the slots with someone praying 24 hours, but to share our commitment to spending time in prayer…seeking God’s leadership.


Times Committed to Pray
Mid-night – 2 am
2 am – 4 am
4 am – 6 am
6 am – 8 am
8 am – 10 am
10 am – Noon
Noon – 2 pm
2 pm – 4 pm
4 pm – 6 pm
6 pm – 8 pm
8 pm – 10 pm
10 pm – Midnight





March 1
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