The Canvas Church Thanks You

Happy New Year Friends!

How do you summarize a year like 2015 in one letter? This year has been a powerful springboard for The Canvas Church where we have been able to lay a foundation to which to build amazing things in the upcoming years! We began 2015 with just Shelly, myself, and our two boys working to build relationships and get our feet under us.

“We believe in developing a community of disciples actively living out a creative faith in Jesus Christ.”

    We have seen our church grow from the four of us to about 25 people on average. Ur leadership team has grown from Shelly and I as we watched God bring 6 other leads to be a part of this with us. We are happy to say that number is rapidly growing! We have hosted two mission trips this past year and already have at least 4 planned for 20116. We have hosted a concert, art nights, workshops, and two Sunday morning gatherings. God is working powerfully and I’m thrilled with the movement that we’re seeing here in Tumwater! We have identified our mission statement and our core values outlining what we stand for as a church.

The Canvas Church desires to be incredibly missional and focused on encouraging our community of faith to actively engage u neighbors and seek to make disciples. We have identified and are networking with a variety of ministries and outreach efforts in this community that we will be serving alongside in 2016.

        The Canvas Church has numerous goals for 2016:

  • Start Weekly Gatherings on Sunday mornings to celebrate God together.
  • Find a long-term location for our weekly gatherings.
  • See our Community Groups continue to grow and multiply to at least 4 groups meetings weekly.
  • Each person in our community of faith to be actively disciple and engaged in at least one area of service or ministry that matches their individual passions.

    “The Canvas Church has helped us tremendously in our time of need and with great friendships.”               –Dawn

I hope that this gives you a good perspective on how you can be praying for us as we work to impact this city through Christ. Thank you for the prayers and support that you have given to The Canvas Church and our families this past year. Know that we are infinitely grateful to you! Please continue praying for us as we enter 2016 on a strong foundation while understanding that there is a lot of work still to do! Please pray for our team, for our growing community of faith, and the discipleship, ministry and outreach that we’re seeking to accomplish through the Holy Spirit.

Many of you have been support The Canvas Church financially this year. God has used your generosity to enable us to continue the work and ministry of this church. Your support has been vital to us! As the year ends, if your commitment is expiring, would you consider renewing that monthly gift for 2016? If you’re looking for a ministry to start being an intricate part of in 2016, would you consider supporting The Canvas Church financially? The support that we receive from individuals, churches, and families are vital to us and we appreciate it so greatly! We are seeing God work and reach this community to powerful ways and your support is one of the ways that this is possible. If you haven’t checked out our website lately, I encourage you to visit and check out our giving page. We have streamlined the giving process to make it significantly easier and more convenient!

“The Canvas Church does a good job at making sure everyone understands we’re all broken and in need of a savior and we’re supposed to be together on this journey. For once, I feel like I have a place I can say is my kind of church, Biblical without the formality, honest, open and active.”                                –Ugo


One other way we’re encouraging people to join us in this work is to be an advocate for The Canvas Church. This is a movement that I am passionate about and I want those around me to catch the vision and passion for it as well. I want us to tell those around us what God is doing in Tumwater and Olympia and encourage them to be a part of this with us! Who do you know that might be interested in learning more about The Canvas Church? Just as you may give financially, who do you know that could financially give towards The Canvas Church as well? As you pray for God to radically work in this community, who do you know that would be a prayer warrior beside you and join our Prayer Team?

One of our initiatives this year is to see multiplication when it comes to those who are on our team throughout the country. We want our Prayer Team to multiply, we want our financial supports to multiply, we want the mission teams that come and serve with us to multiply. That happens through someone like you telling friends about what God is doing and encouraging them to be a part of this with you! We need you to be an advocate for us to see the community on Tumwater Hill and the surrounding area transformed through HIM! Let’s watch God work in incredible ways!

You are all my friends and I am honored and blessed to call you that! If you have any questions about the work that we’re doing here through The Canvas Church, how you can serve with us, how you can give to the ministry or to find out more about the numerous ways that you can be a part of what God is doing here, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 360-545-3147. I consider it a privilege to visit with you and I’m honored to be serving in ministry beside you all!

God Bless and stay strong in HIM!

Ben Tindall, Pastor and Friend



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