Introducing Ministry Grid

Ministry Grid

In early November I sent out a survey to as many of you as I could, seeking to understand how best the Leadership Development Ministry (LDM) of the OBA could be of assistance to you and the church you serve.  Twenty six people responded to that survey and the results indicated that you felt the OBA could offer value to your local leadership development efforts, and providing localized training, rather than retreat settings, would be best for you.  As a result, the LDM will be focusing this year on leadership development at the local level, at least initially.

Ministry Grid is a tool that Lifeway provides to facilitate training of church leadership.  Lifeway describes Ministry Grid as “a customizable, web-based training platform that makes developing leaders simpler and more effective than ever before. Our goal is for more churches and ministries to engage in training their leaders and thus impact more people for Christ. Ministry Grid accomplishes this by offering the most extensive and comprehensive subscription-based video training service available, with topics covering everything from the parking lot ministry to the pulpit. Ministry Grid has unique suites of content for pastors, staff, volunteers, and every-day church goers. Plus, Ministry Grid’s Learning Management System easily allows leaders to customize training tracks to fit their people’s unique needs and goals, as well as allowing them to monitor training progress, track giftedness, and grant or restrict access to specific content. Ministry Grid does all of this affordably and without adding a time-consuming program to a church’s calendar.

After spending a month exploring Ministry Grid, the LDM has purchased a subscription to Ministry Grid for 2016 that will allow every member of every church in the OBA to receive training in their particular area of service.  Ministry Grid is easy to use once you are set up, and you can then receive training in the comfort of your own home at whatever time is convenient for you.  In addition to training, there is weekly help for most of the Lifeway Sunday School materials as well as other studies you can use for your personal enrichment.

In the coming months I will highlight specific features of Ministry Grid; but you do not need that to start exploring and using what I believe can be a significant tool for your church’s leadership development efforts.  Check with your pastor, or contact me at for more information about Ministry Grid or to get connected to Ministry Grid.  If you contact me for access, please include the church you are a part of and the specific area of training you would like to begin with.


  1. Thank you Ed for your leadership in providing tools for the churches of the O.B.A.
    I am looking for ward to utilizing Ministry Grid in at Clear Creek!
    Pastor Ken Wood

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