Tuned-In Academy – Sean-David and Jenna McGoran

God is moving at The Tuned In Academy. And I so apologize for a lack of announcements recently, but this is a very busy time of year for us. I do want to share a bit about what God has been doing, as well as some prayer requests. First, we had the blessed opportunity to lead members of the OBA in worship at the annual meeting. We had a great time at the annual meeting and are so thankful for the opportunity and the chance to meet many of you for the first time!

At the academy, new classes continue to take shape as the community need arises. We are very excited about a new Reading group that has formed based on a need among homeschoolers. We currently have six in the class and just spoke with a family recently moved from Texas that want their two children to be a part.

We just finished up a 9-week class in basic piano and keyboard for seniors and it was a Keyboardblast. Two of the ladies would like to continue and we are seeking more adults interested on joining the class that have limited experience in piano or would like a refresher. We also welcomed a brand new student teacher this semester; Ben is a home-schooled junior in high school thaGuitart plays guitar in our worship services is now teaching a group guitar class. He is doing so well and the students love him.

Relationships are growing and God is using them for the Gospel. We had the opportunity to minister hospitality to an academy parent on bedrest this last month and academy faculty, staff, and parents chipped in. We had another parent requesting prayer for her husband’s surgery. One of our students also had a birthday party and sleepover and invited our girls (her only real friends). We praise God that her only real friends are believers and talk to her about Jesus often. We also had a few excellent opportunities for the Gospel over the last few months, including a student in our vocal acapella class asking about the meaning of the name Emmanuel, which they are singing for presentation on December 12.

Fundraising has been going well. We hold monthly fundraising dinners at Buffalo Wild Wings and they give us 10% of all sales from TIA guests. Buffalo Wings LogoWe have not yet received this month’s, but we are likely just a hundred or so short of the $850 we need for the last of our IRS paperwork. With this complete we can apply for special grants for community arts programs which we pray God will use for His glory in serving more people.

We are hoping to raise about $700 a month or $8400 a year in 2016, or at least $4-500. Jenna and I currently fund about $700 a month of the academy out of our own pocket. This would free us up to serve more, and we could offer full scholarships to those who otherwise could never participate in classes and lessons due to financial constraints. Our goal is to reach at least 40 new students through scholarship in 2016, which would bring the academy to about 100 students.

We are excited to be caroling next month as a ministry through song to Christmas Ornamentsa few retirement homes. This will become, we pray, an annual event. Finally, we are seeking more mission minded partners who would like to serve with us. We will train anyone who would like to be a part of this exciting ministry at no cost to them as our investment in the kingdom. Let us know if you know any skilled musicians and artists looking for a mission or even people with no skills who would like to learn them. We have had requests for an adult reading group, which we would love to offer. The only requirement is that you love Jesus and people, and would enjoy reading great literature.


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